Review policy

Thanks for considering me to review your book, film or DVD. If you think this site is a good fit for your book or film,  and would like me review your novel or product or have me conduct or post an author interview or guest post  please click here to contact me.

If' you'll take a minute to see any of my reviews, you'll see they always involve my honest opinion. Sending me your work to review does not guarantee a review. I am not a professional critic, but I am a book and film lover and enjoy blogging about them. I try to always write a thoughtful and respectful review.  

Since this is a hobby for me, I can't always guarantee a specific date for review publication, but I do try to publish my review as close to the release of the book or film as possible.  If a book, ARE or e-file arrives a few days before release or after, I will do my best to get a review done in a timely manner.  

I'm also happy to be included in any blog tour, or promotion event online, just contact me.

For now I'm no longer accepting review requests for any "vanity" press books, or self-published authors, unless you are an author of a book who I have worked with in the past.

I try very hard to read a book through to the end, if it hasn't "grabbed" me at about the halfway point, I may or may not review the book.  

I can't be responsible for books that don't arrive, pdf files that won't open or files that arrive corrupted.  No books that are sent to me for review will be returned.  I try to pass on any books that I'm not interested in. Unsolicited books won't be acknowledged unless I plan to review them. If you do want to send any unsolicited materials please email first with a synopsis and information about the author. 

I'm happy to receive pitches from publishers, authors and their publicists, I get several a week and will contact you if I think your book would be a good match for me. 

I read a lot of different genres including but not restricted to, contemporary fiction, mysteries, thrillers and suspense, some fantasy and science fiction, some urban fiction, women's fiction, young adult, middle grade, action, romance and historical fiction as well as steampunk. I read some memoirs, biographies, speculative fiction, graphic novels and adult genre comics, but nothing sports related,  no military, and no erotica, gay or lesbian theme please. 

I am happy to receive ARCs, AREs, and e-galleys that are Kindle friendly, I can also access e-galleys through NetGalley and Edelweiss Above the Treeline.

All reviews that I post here will include an image of the cover art, basic book details including author, publisher and pricing and the synopsis from the publisher.

Reviews will be posted on this blog and a link to the review will be emailed to the publicist, publisher or NetGalley/Edelweiss review page, whoever has provided the review copy.  I post to Twitter with a  link back to the review here on NovelChatter.  I also may cross-post reviews to Facebook, GoodReads, LibraryThing. I'm not so in love with Amazon any more, but will post there.

A statement revealing the source of the books or film screenings will be posted on any and all appropriate reviews or commentary posts. If the post says that the material's source is a review copy then this means the book was sent to me by a publishing company, the author or a publicist and that the material was provided by my request, or was provided unsolicited. If the book is my own copy, it was purchased by myself with my own funds. 

Please know that the source provider of any book or film does not affect my opinions in any way and that I do not receive any compensation for my reviews here on

Updated 5/30/2013
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