Re-reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird (Paperback) ~ Harper Lee (Author) Cover Art
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With the exciting news of the July release of Harper Lee's GO SET A WATCHMAN,  I figured I better read her first book again. So I'm about to crack open TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD...for the second time. 

After so many years, I realized that the images in my head were a jumble of bits from the book and most especially,  scenes from the classic movie with Gregory Peck. That just won't do. So, here I go, back to the world of Scout,  Jem, Atticus, and Boo Radley. They are dear, old friends and I am happy to get to know them all over again.

Never read it? Only know the movie?  Go find a copy, read it. The book holds the author's words. The film is the director's vision of the book. BOTH are wonderful, but hey, let's read what Harper Lee wrote.  

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