GRAVITY the book, GRAVITY the movie, Tess Gerritsen and Warner Bros.

Tess Gerritsen, author of the book GRAVITY, claims the Warner Brothers movie GRAVITY was based on her book.


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Turns out Tess Gerritsen has strongly believed for a few months that her 1999 Gravity novel and the 2013 Alfonso Cuaron-directed film of the same name might have a lot more in common than she first assumed. Shifting from her previous stance that all the two shared was a title, the best selling author yesterday sued Warner Bros for more than $10 million and breach of contract overthe Gravity movie. Here’s perhaps why. “In February 2014, Ms. Gerritsen received startling new information from a reliable source,” said a statement posted on the author’s blog late last night. “She was told that at least one individual who was key to the development of the film Gravity had also been connected to her project while it was in development, and would have been familiar with her novel.” No names are given nor what the individual in question’s role was.In yesterday’s filing in federal court, Gerritsen, upon whose books TNT‘s flagship drama series Rizzoli & Isles is based, never provided a true smoking gun as to how her novel about a female astronaut trapped in space ended up as a 2013 movie with a similar main character with seemingly nothing to do with her. The hugely successful writer did claim in her court filing that recently she was “informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that writer/director Alfonso Cuaron was attached to the Gerritsen Gravity Project and worked on developing the Book into a Picture.” New Line purchased the movie rights to Gerritsen’s Gravity novel for $1 million 15 years ago and was working to make it into a film for several years. The complaint goes on to say about Cuaron’s supposed participation that “Gerritsen was not told of this attachment at the time.” So, the question is now is it Cuaron being referred to in the blog post or someone else?

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