Tom Clancy has died

Tom Clancy

Awwww  geez. Last month we lost author Elizabeth Peters, aka Barbara Mertz, and now it's Tom Clancy, dead at 66. That's way too young. will be sadly missed Mr. Clancy.
I found you, and your Jack Ryan character when I read THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and I was hooked from that day on.    Totally.  

God speed, and rest in peace Mr. Clancy, you surely made a lot of imaginations soar.

From Mr. Clancy's official webpage:

Tom Clancy has written seventeen #1 New York Times bestselling novels, all published by G. P. Putnam's Sons and Berkley Books in the U.S.: The Hunt for Red October (Berkley only, 1985), Red Storm Rising (1986), Patriot Games (1987), The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988), Clear and Present Danger (1989), The Sum of All Fears (1991), Without Remorse (1993), Debt of Honor (1994), Executive Orders(1996), Rainbow Six (1998), The Bear and the Dragon (2000), Red Rabbit (2002),The Teeth of the Tiger (2003), Dead or Alive (2010), Against All Enemies (2011) andLocked On (2011).
Clancy's New York Times bestselling nonfiction books include Into the Storm: A Study in Command (written with General Fred Franks, Jr., Ret., and Tony Koltz),Every Man a Tiger (written with General Charles Horner, Ret., and Tony Koltz),Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces (written with General Carl Stiner, Ret., and Tony Koltz) and Battle Ready (written with General Tony Zinni, Ret., and Tony Koltz).

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