Cover art revealed for The Prime Minister's Secret Agent by Susan Elia MacNeal

Trying to stay calm and carry on is hard stuff indeed!

But holey moley, how can I stay calm when I just saw the cover for the next Maggie Hope book!!??

The fab-u-lous news below is directly from Susan Elia MacNeal's website, be sure to click that link to read more about the upcoming book and see one of Susan's pics of the Arisaig House, the setting for the upcoming book. 

SNEAK PEEK: The Cover of The Prime Minister's Secret Agent, Maggie Hope Mystery #4!
The cover art for The Prime Minister's Secret Agent is by amazing illustrator Mick Wiggins, who has created the art for all the Maggie Hope novels. Check out his fabulous website here
 The setting is Arisaig House, a manor house on the coast of Western Scotland, which was a SOE spy training camp during World War II. 

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