The world has lost the beloved author Barbara Mertz, also known as Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels

I heard of Barbara's sad passing a few days ago and have written and re-written what I wanted to say about her, one of my very long time, cherished authors.  I found this on her official website today and I could never do a better job in sharing the sad news of her passing.  

Barbara, you are already missed. You brought me joy, armchair travel, mysterious surprises and a love for strong Victorian women.  God bless you!

So, cut and pasted from her official website:

Barbara Mertz (aka Elizabeth Peters & Barbara Michaels) died peacefully at home early in the morning of Aug. 8, 2013. She had put up a very tough battle against cancer for over a decade, in a style worthy of Amelia. She preferred not to be fussed over, and so did not make her illness public. She died as she had told everyone she wanted to – unexpectedly, in her sleep. Shortly before her death, she had written a line to be posted on this webpage: “At 85, Elizabeth Peters (aka Barbara Michaels) is enjoying her cats, her garden, lots of chocolate, and not nearly enough gin.”

"In the end the clouds will blow away and falcon will fly through the portal of the dawn." - from The Falcon at the Portal

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