It's Black Friday for GoodReads fans

These words struck fear and terror in my bookish heart....

"Amazon is acquiring Goodreads, a book-focused social network with 16 million members. The acquisition is likely to decrease Goodreads’ reputation as a neutral hub for authors and publishers."
:::facepalm::  screaming ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo  great gnashing of teeth


My safe, cozy, informative, non-biased little corner of the book world went spinning out of control today when I learned that my lovely place to learn about books was taken over by the big, bad conglomerate.  I loved me some GoodReads. I trusted it. No paid reviews, no sock puppet posters, nothing too over the top. Just good old, honest thoughts and feelings about books. You could be as "social" as you wanted to be. OR didn't want to be. Picking and choosing as you went along, joining in when the mood struck, or reading and lurking when all you wanted to do was "eavesdrop" on what people were saying about books.

With the spector of death hovering over indy bookstores like "death eaters" in "Harry Potter" books, I fear we've lost the good parts of GoodReads with the takeover by big old cranky and all consuming amazon. Yes I did a "little a" on purpose.  amazon fills a need, and so be it. BUT must they control the whole book world?

Color me wearing black on this "Good Friday".

I am officially in mourning for the potential loss of the things that make GoodReads special, as it's been bought up by the other place, which is best.  Yes I use it, we all need to use the occasional utilitarian things in life every now and then.  But the joy of books comes from places like GoodReads. They'll destroy it, remove all things that made it special. And in the end?  The readers of this world won't have any choices anymore about where to find books. We'll be stuck with what THEY think we should be interested in, based on what they want us to buy.


I remember what they did to Shelfari...nothing. They euthanized it.

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