GILDED AGE by Claire McMillan


Claire McMillan

Simon & Schuster, $25.00

What the publisher tells us:

A debut author transforms Edith Wharton’s "The House of Mirth"  into a powerful modern story of one woman’s struggle with independence and love.  Ellie Hart made a brilliant marriage in New York, but it ended in a scandalous divorce and thirty days in Sierra Tucson rehab.  Now, returning home to Cleveland, she finds that, despite feminist lip service, she will still need a husband to be socially complete.  A woman’s sexual reputation matters, and so does her family name in the treacherous social terrain where old money meets new: charitable benefits and tequila body shots, inherited diamonds and viper-bite lip piercings, country house weekends and sexting.  Ellie finds that her beauty is a powerful tool in this world, but it has its limitations, even liabilities.  Through one misstep after another, Ellie mishandles her second act. Her options narrow, her prospects contract, until she faces a desperate choice.

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