Armchair BEA Day #2 The Crem Della Crem: Our "Best of 2012"

The Crem Della Crem: Our "Best of 2012" 

Today’s suggested posting topic is “Best of 2012”
Today I'll share my favorite books so far this year!


  1. Both Elizabeth The Queen and Mr. Churchill's Secratery are on the top of my TBR (which doesn't mean I'll get to them, LOL).

    I also liked The Book of Lost Fragrances.
    Great choices, it seems like we have the same tasted in books - following!

  2. Looks like we do have the same taste in books! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Elizabeth the Queen & the Lifeboat both look really intriguing! I know with her Diamond Jubilee going on that there are tons of books out about the Queen. I think I might just pick one up! Tattooed Books

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by, it's so nice to meet you all!


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