Stories from The Golden Age, by L. Ron Hubbard

STORIES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE:  Where Adventure Comes to Life.

While at the ALA Midwinter convention last week, I stumbled on the display of books sitting on the Galaxy Press table, where I saw tons of re-issued stories from "The Golden Age."  These are family friendly books from the 1930s that are fun, easy to read and something that takes us back to the days before Indiana Jones and Capt Jack, back to the age when science fiction brought us titles like The Great Secret and When Shadows Fall, westerns like The Branded Outlaw and mysteries like Dead Men Kill.  

Thanks to the great people at Galaxy Press for sharing some samples with me!  

Please visit their amazing website for more great books from The Golden Age:  visit Galaxy Press and Golden Age stories here.  Go ahead, wander back, to those thrilling days of yesteryear ...

Here are a couple of the great covers:

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