"Perry Mason" gets a reboot with Robert Downey Jr.

In  'books to movies" news,  Indiewire.com is reporting that Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason will head back into the courtroom. This time it'll be Robert Downey Jr. playing the savvy lawyer Mason! Now this could be great!

IndieWire said:
Well, just like the books, the movie will be set in 1930s Los Angeles with the familiar gallery of characters—Mason’s secretary Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake, and legal nemesis Hamilton Burger—all to feature as well. We figure (and hope) it will be developed to be somewhat different than the explosion-y take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle works. In short, we don’t want Perry Mason to become a bare knuckle brawler. However, there is lots of room for RDJ to bring his trademark charm and make a livelier, but still respectful, version of the character. So while purists may whine, Raymond Burr had a helluva run and a new take would surely be welcome.
Please visit IndieWire  for their entire article.

Erle Stanley Gardner practiced law for twenty years before creating the Perry Mason character in The Case of the Velvet Claws (1933).  

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