Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011!  This is my first year to participate and each day the organizers give us a topic to chat about.  Today's topic is "Community" and I think that's a great way to begin the week.  Being a life long lover of books and a relatively new face in the book blogging world, I'd like to share a couple of blogs that I visit.  These blogs usually cover book genres that I don't write about here on Novel Chatter and I love to see what's "out there" in genre's not covered here.

The first is Parajunkee's View, where all things paranormal are discussed, it's a fun place to visit and then for Historical Fiction I never miss Historical Tapestry. If you've not seen them, give them a try. Different blogs out there, blogging about things we might not read about if we didn't poke around the net.

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