Saint's Gate by Carla Neggers

By Carla Neggers
$23.95, Mira

Author's synopsis:
When Emma Sharpe is summoned to a convent on the Maine coast, it’s partly for her art crimes work with the FBI, partly because of her past with the religious order. At issue is a mysterious painting depicting scenes of Irish lore and Viking legends, and her family’s connection to the work. But when the nun who contacted her is murdered, it seems legend is becoming deadly reality.
Colin Donovan is one of the FBI’s most valuable assets—a deep-cover agent who prefers to go it alone. He’s back home in Maine after wrapping up his latest mission, but his friend Father Bracken presents him with an intrigue of murder, international art heists and a convent’s long-held secrets that is too tempting to resist. So is Emma Sharpe. As the danger spirals ever closer, Colin’s certain of only one thing—Emma is at the center of it all.
A ruthless killer has Emma and Colin in the crosshairs, plunging them into a race against time and drawing them deeper into a twisted legacy of betrayal and deceit.

Fair warning, I'm a huge fan of Carla Neggers!  Okay, that said, she didn't disappoint me! That says a  lot from me, as I tend to hold "favorite authors" up to a higher standard, I scream at the book cover "DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!"  That's tough. And in her newest thriller, Saint's Gate, there wasn't a disappointing moment!

What more interesting place for a murder is there than a remote convent? Great setting Ms. Neggers! Sister Joan has asked Emma (a former novice of the order turned FBI agent) to come up to see about a painting, and before she can explain to Emma what her thoughts are about the painting, Sister Joan is offed... and that's where things start to get interesting.  Throw into the mix a couple of  FBI agents, a possible romance and an Irish Priest and you have one fine mystery.

For me, writing reviews for mysteries and thrillers is very hard. I like to share parts from the books and I find that I am always going back and removing bits because I am very concerned about spoilers. Saint's Gate is a fast paced who-dun-it.  I always think I have it figured out, and this time I was wrong!  Great plotting Ms. Neggers.

I liked Emma Stone and the other characters enough that I hope Saint's Gate is the beginning of a series!

What else can I say? Well written, good plots and subplots, great settings and interesting characters.

I want more please!

4 out of 5 stars.

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