The Foreigners by Maxine Swann

By Maxine Swann
Riverhead, $25.95

Publishers synopsis:
A glittering, energetic novel about three women-each experiencing an awakening in the gloriously conflicted and sexy city of Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires is a city of Parisian affections and national anxiety, of amorous young lovers, seedy ports, flooded slums, and a dazzling social elite. Into this heady maze of contradiction and possibility enter two women: Daisy, an American divorcée; and Isolde, a beautiful, lonely Austrian. In Buenos Aires, Isolde finds that her blond European looks afford her entrée to the kind of elite, alluring social world she never would have had access to in her home country, but her ascension also sets her up for a long, surprising fall. Meanwhile, Daisy joins forces with Leonarda, a chameleonic Argentine with radical dreams of rebellion, who transfixes Daisy with her wild effervescence. Soon, Daisy is throwing off her American earnestness and engaging in a degree of passion, manipulation, and risk-taking in a way she never has before. Buenos Aires has allowed her to become someone else.
Against the throbbing backdrop of this shimmering and decadent city- almost a character in itself-Maxine Swann has created a stunning narrative of reawakened sensuality and compulsive desire that simultaneously explores with remarkable acuity themes of foreignness, displacement, and the trembling metamorphoses that arise from such states. From the award-winning, critically celebrated author of Flower Children, The Foreigners is a startlingly bold and original, unforgettable next novel.

I put this book down, I abandoned it, or maybe it abandoned me. I thought it sounded like a great read, and that  it would be an interesting story of three women on a road to discovery.  I couldn't read it long enough to engage with the characters.  The story, if there is one, rambled along, jumped around and just didn't keep my interest.

So I'm not reviewing it.  I know some people have enjoyed The Foreigners, I just wasn't one of them. 

This review copy of the book was provided to me by the publisher and in no way affected my review or opinion of the book. 

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