The Vault by Sam Sarkar

THE VAULT #1 (of 3)
Story by Sam Sarkar
Art by Garrie Gastonny
Color by Sakti Yuwono
Cover by Bagus Hutomo

Image Comics, $3.50

Synopsis:  A small team of treasure hunters struggles to excavate a dangerous and legendary treasure pit before a massive storm hits Sable Island, the "Graveyard of the North Atlantic".Equipped with all the latest technology, the scientists believe they are prepared against all of nature's fury, but nothing can prepare them for what they are about to unleash from The Vault.

The Vault is the first of the three part series written by comic book trendsetter Sam Sarkar.  Sarkar's first smash series was Caliber: The First Canon of Justice, where he smartly put a new twist on the centuries old Arthurian legends by placing the story in the wild west days of the Pacific Northwest.  Sarkar's clearly a gifted storyteller and is in his element in the comic book genre where words are at a premium, and are weighed and measured carefully for their worth. The reader can see Sarkar's continued love and respect of legends and myths in The Vault as you can't help but feel a Pandora's box inspiration.  

In The Vault, you are quickly drawn into a dangerous and suspenseful multi million dollar dig at the treasure pit of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.  Sarkar and Gastonny are brilliant at bringing historical legends, as well as true to life history to The Vault  with small, but appreciated details, such as including the band of Sable Island horses that some believe were shipwreck survivors from the 1700s.

The Vault reunites Sarkar with Caliber's artistic visionary Garrie Gastonny, where Sarkar's story line is again translated into stunning artistic visions that not only give you a vision to align with the written word, Gastonny gives you a sense of what else the story teller is saying by use of gorgeously drawn images.

Here's an example Gastonny's first image for us:

I'm just at a loss for words to describe Gastonny's work.  But paired with the well chosen words of Sarkar, The Vault takes the reader on a fabulous, mysterious adventure. You've got lead characters  named for Archangels and a team member named Jesus.  Throw in what appears to be a Russian bad guy and I'm in for the series. I can't wait for the next chapter in the series!

I'm including a couple of the images from The Vault just so you can see what's ahead for you when you read this story. 

It's on sale today, go buy it at your neighborhood comic book store. Never been to a comic book store...go on, step over to the wild side. You'll be amazed at what's there to catch your eye. Comic books aren't just for kids anymore. Trust me on this one.   But more importantly, trust Sarkar and Gastonny. THEY won't let you down. 

I give The Vault a big old 5 out of 5 stars!  And you all know that's rare for me!

About Sam Sarkar:Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sam Sarkar is a 23-year veteran of the entertainment industry. He began his career as an actor and was one of the leads on the long-running, syndicated television series Neon Rider. Following the series, Sam decided to pursue writing and worked for the hit television series Beverly Hills 90210. Stemming from his work on the show, he also co-wrote a television pilot for Spelling Entertainment under the direct guidance of TV legend Aaron Spelling. Deciding then to embark on feature films, Sam took some chances, following a varied path of writing screenplays and working as a sound technician. In 2004, after working on several films with actor Johnny Depp, Sam was asked to help run Depp’s production company, Infinitum Nihil, headed by Christi Dembrowski. As Senior VP at the company, he continues to serve the varied needs of Hollywood as an executive, producer and writer.

About Garry Gastonny:
Having worked as a comic book artist and illustration lecturer, Garrie Gastonny now mainly focuses on illustration to avoid getting beaten up. Garrie also serves as Senior Artist at Imaginary Friends Studios. His credits include Warren Ellis’ Supergod, Caliber: First Canon of Justice and Lady Death. For more information about the artist, please visit

All images copyright Image Comics.

This e-galley was provided for me by the publisher and in no way affected my review. 

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