The Astral by Kate Christensen

The Astral
By Kate Christensen
Doubleday, $25.95

Publisher's summary: 
The Astral is a huge rose-colored old pile of an apart­ment building in the gentrifying neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. For decades it was the happy home (or so he thought) of the poet Harry Quirk and his wife, Luz, a nurse, and of their two children: Karina, now a fer­vent freegan, and Hector, now in the clutches of a cultish Christian community. But Luz has found (and destroyed) some poems of Harry’s that ignite her long-simmering sus­picions of infidelity, and he’s been summarily kicked out. He now has to reckon with the consequence of his literary, marital, financial, and parental failures (and perhaps oth­ers) and find his way forward—and back into Luz’s good graces. 
Harry Quirk is, in short, a loser, living small and low in the water. But touched by Kate Christensen’s novelistic grace and acute perception, his floundering attempts to reach higher ground and forge a new life for himself become funny, bittersweet, and terrifically moving. She knows what secrets lurk in the hearts of men—and she turns them into literary art of the highest order.
I have to be honest and tell you that I walked away from this book. I've tried for two months to read it and was never able to engage with the story or the characters.   So I won't review it. I searched the net and there are a lot of fine reviews out there.   So to be fair to you the reader, the author and the publisher I'm including a   great review from Kirkus Reviews.

Thanks to the publishers for providing me with a review copy of this book, I did pass it on so someone else could enjoy it.

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