45 years ago today Dark Shadows made its debut!

Instead of our usual Monday Books to Movies post, I'm posting about the 45th Anniversary of the show Dark Shadows.   It was ground breaking, in so many ways!  It changed the demographics of daytime television and it forever changed the way we look at vampires.  Dan Curtis changed it all. The vampire as a trapped victim.  Barnabas Collins...ahhhh ... played by the wonderful Jonathan Frid!

Be still my silly young school girl heart...

Today we saw Victoria Winters on the train, coming to Collinwood, to be the governess to young David Collins. Gothic romance at its best! There were books based on the series, so I can tie it that way. ;)

AND....we know that Johnny Depp bought the rights to Dark Shadows on the death of creator Dan Curtis. Depp and his Gothic collaborator Tim Burton are currently filming the remake in the UK.

AP photo found here. 

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