Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders by Gyles Brandreth

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders
 By Gyles Brandreth
 Touchstone, $15.00

The description:

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders opens in 1890, at a glamorous party hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Albemarle. All of London's high society—including the Prince of Wales—are in attendance at what promises to be the event of the season. Yet Oscar Wilde is more interested in another party guest, Rex LaSalle, a young actor who claims to be a vampire.
But the entertaining evening ends in tragedy when the duchess is found murdered—with two tiny puncture marks on her throat. Desperate to avoid scandal and panic, the Prince asks Oscar and his friend Arthur Conan Doyle to investigate the crime. What they discover threatens to destroy the very heart of the royal family. Told through diary entries, newspaper clippings, telegrams, and letters, Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders is a richly atmospheric mystery that is sure to captivate and entertain.

My thoughts:

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders was my first Gyles Brandreth book, but it sure won't be my last. I was a little afraid of this one, as I am not a fan of some of the mashups that have been so popular. I thought Brandreth's story was fun and entertaining!  His characters, both historical  (Wilde,  Arthur Conan Doyle, The Prince of Wales. Bram Stoker) and fictional have depth and a certain smartness and wit that I enjoyed. 

Coming after the Jack the Ripper murders, but still in the "Victorian" era, Brandreth somehow manages to use letters and diary writings to make these character seem more real.  

I really enjoyed this one, it was quick to read and not a slow moment in the book. All I can say, not wanting to give too much plot line away... you don't want to have one page ruined of this...is: read it now!!

4 out of 5 stars!!!

This e-galley was provided to me by the publisher and in no way affected my review.

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